company profile

At Red Power, we are staunch believers in delivering quality designs and excellent services to our clients, and have hence built ourselves a reputation as an authority in handling any electrical, mechanical and construction challenges in the business.

Our business success can not only be attributed to dedication to the above values, but also our reliability regarding client timelines and service requirements. If you bring it to Red Power, you can be sure that it will be delivered on time, and exactly according to specification – it’s that simple.

Mission and vision

From the time we opened for business more than two decades back, we have witnessed tremendous improvements and growth, and according to our tagline “Powered through Passion,” we’ll never stop aiming higher. In fact, our goal is to increase turnover by 100% over the next five years and open regional offices and plants in the Asia Pacific region.

In line with the above, we hold the following values as part of our culture here at Red Power.

  • Passion for service delivery
  • Innovativeness in problem-solving
  • Dedication to customer requirements
  • Integrity in quality
  • Strict adherence to customer schedules
  • Addition of value
  • Respect for diversity and cooperation

The above values have guided us through our changing seasons of growth, and brought us the success we can be proud of today. These are the qualities we instill in every new member that joins our team, and our clients can testify that we indeed hold these qualities close to our hearts.