Red Power Engineering

Company Profile

Management Team

Mr. Chang, H. F.
Founder and CEO

Red Power Engineering was founded more than 20 years ago by Mr. Chang H. F., a dedicated engineer and astute businessman with a passion for excellent service delivery and customer satisfaction. Mr. Chang wanted to make a positive contribution to the practice of engineering and contracting.

For years, he toiled to build up the business from its humble beginning to bring it to a respectable position of clout, and he established the vision and principles that we now hold dear to our company, and fully embrace in all our dealings.

Mr. Max Chang

In the course of time, Mr. Chang H.F. desired ensure the continued success of Red Power Engineering by grooming his son, Mr. Max Chang, to assist with the management of operations. Max is a graduate from The University of Queensland in Australia where he attained a Bachelors’ Degree in Electrical Engineering.

He returned to Singapore on completion of his studies and continues to apprentice under the guidance of his father, Mr. Chang H.F., who works and in hand with Max to steer Red Power Engineering towards greater heights.

Max has quite a few qualities that make him suitable for the position he currently holds. Like his father, he has a strong sense of customer-orientation and is passionate about ensuring that all products and services are 100% suited to customer needs and requirements.

Max is very focused on delivery of quality in service and workmanship to clients from all industries, regardless of the kind of services that they need. He can be described as a passionate, professional and innovative problem solver. Prior to taking over the entire company, Max worked as head of the engineering team.