Exhaust Fan and Ventilation

At Red Power, we offer reliable and sustainable solutions for poor air circulation, as well as indoor air pollution, within buildings. Like all our other services, we cater to residential, commercial and industrial buildings of all sizes, with different needs and requirements.

Poor air circulation is an immediate danger to people living and/or working in such buildings, since it can result in respiratory conditions and ailments that are a danger to the wellbeing of a person. There is therefore need to have a proper ventilation fan system, particularly in buildings that have sealed casements, and therefore not enough access to fresh air and oxygen from the atmosphere.

Red Power specializes in the installation new exhaust and ventilation fan systems in buildings, as well as offering maintenance and repair services for various kinds of fan systems. Our aim is to ensure that buildings we tend to receive a lasting supply of clean and fresh air, so that both the internal ambience and well-being of users in these buildings is maintained at optimum productivity.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of related services that we provide:

Exhaust Fan System

    • Centrifugal Exhaust Fan and Motor
    • Ducting System
    • Control Panel

Ventilation System

  • Ceiling Mount Ventilation
  • Window Mount Ventilation
  • Axial fan and Control panel

Contact us with all your ventilation needs and we will avail mechanical engineers and technicians to resolve any issues within the minimum amount of time possible. You can trust us to deliver sustainable solutions at affordable rates to maximize usable life and hence guarantee a high return on investment for our products and solutions. We know what you need, and we are dedicated to providing it accordingly.


Exhaust fan and ventilation fan Singapore

At Red Power, we make sure that poor ventilation and air circulation is never a problem for you and your business. We offer an exhaust fan and ventilation fan solution for every kind of Singapore Company. Why not let us provide a customized solution for you? Nothing means more to our company than helping yours get the fresh, safe air you desire and deserve.

For exhaust fans and ventilation fans Singapore businesses can depend on with complete confidence, we’re here for you at Red Power. Don’t let another day pass without the right solutions for your company.