Refuse Handling Equipment System

At Red Power, we provide maintenance services for Refuse Handling Equipment and Refuse Chute Flushing System. These systems are commonly found in high rise buildings such as HDB flats and condominiums.

Maintenance and servicing are essential to ensure the system is in good working condition so that no unpleasant smells are released into the surrounding areas.

Servicing of Refuse Handling Equipment

  • Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly servicing
  • Check machine automatic operation
  • Check fire protection system
  • Check control panel and machine body
  • Recommend for any repair or replacement of damaged parts

Servicing of Refuse Chute Flushing System

  • Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly servicing
  • Check system automatic operation
  • Check solenoid valve
  • Check control panel and control box
  • Recommend for any repair or replacement of damaged parts

Refuse compactor , refuse chute flushing system, Motor Rewinding and Solenoid Valve Singapore

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