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Refuse Handling
Maintenance Equipment
and Flushing Maintenance

At Red Power, we provide maintenance services for Refuse Handling Equipment and Refuse Chute Flushing System. These systems are commonly found in high rise buildings such as HDB flats and condominiums. Maintenance and servicing are essential to ensure the system is in good working condition so that no unpleasant smells are released into the surrounding areas.

Servicing of Refuse Handling Equipment

Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly servicing

Check machine automatic operation

Check fire protection system

Check control panel and machine body

Recommend for any repair or replacement of damaged parts

Servicing of Refuse Chute Flushing System

Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly servicing

Check system automatic operation

Check solenoid valve

Check control panel and control box

Recommend for any repair or replacement of damaged parts

Our services include free consultations and accompanying quotations according to our evaluation of the specific client requirements.

Our aim is to offer a comprehensive solution which will fully meet the needs of our customers, facilitated by a strong technical team with the required expertise to guarantee a successful implementation of the solutions offered together with expert advice to solve any remaining challenges regarding future handling.

Every project that we take over at Red Power receives our full attention and dedication, to make certain that everything fits exactly within the needs of our clients.