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Waste Water and
Sewage Pump Systems

Transportation of waste water and sewage is a crucial part of any building’s architecture. Without a robust system to ensure that waste water is removed and delivered through the right channels to a treatment area, the building will be basically uninhabitable.

At Red Power, we offer the perfect solutions for waste water and sewage transportation. We have a system that is standard, but it can also be custom-built to meet any specific user requirements within short periods of time. You will also get installation and maintenance services at subsidized rates for the warranty period.

Below are the main types of our products in this category:

Sump Pump System

In a building, rainwater is collected in a sump pit through wastewater pipes. Sump pump system is designed and installed in a sump pit to discharge rainwater to the open drain. We have a wide range of sump pump systems cater to meet the needs of each project design and application.

Full system installation with testing and commissioning

Ejector Pump System

Ejector pump system consists of ejector tank, ejector pumps and ejector sump pump. Sewage waste generated from a building flow from sewage pipes into the ejector tank and ejector pumps are used to pump out sewage waste from the ejector tank to public channel. The system is fully automated as it has level sensor to activate and stop the pump accordingly leaving user with minimum supervision.

Full system installation with testing and commissioning

Every project that we take over at Red Power receives our full attention and dedication, to make certain that everything fits exactly within the needs of our clients.