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Electrical Distribution

At Red Power, we are electrical contractors who have specialized in the installation, remodeling, repair and maintenance of various electrical systems. Our electrical engineers and technicians not only perform installation services, they also have the capabilities to troubleshoot and resolve electrical faults of various magnitudes. Our distribution services are available for residential, commercial as well as industrial buildings of all sizes

By nature, electrical matters are very sensitive, and are best left in the trained hands of known and trusted experts, since very small errors in judgment could have disastrous and debilitating effects on the owners and residents of the building where this happens.

Always ensure your electrical wiring and other needs are handled by qualified professionals such us ourselves. We know exactly what is needed when it comes to installation or troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of electrical appliances as well as the electrical distribution requirements for various kinds of buildings.

Our staff has been trained and is fully equipped with the necessary expertise and equipment to handle different electrical needs. There is nothing better than using the services of a professional. Not only do you eliminate the risk of harm to self and others in the building, you also benefit from a long-lasting solution, instead of just settling for stop-gap measures implemented by amateurs.

Our Electrical Services include:

Load analysis and single line drawing

Main distribution board

Sub distribution board

Generator set and UPS

Electrical wiring

Electrical addition and alteration

Electrical licensing

Lighting and fittings

Single or twin switch socket and isolator

We will analyze and compute the electrical load and demand, prior to any installation of a user distribution system.

We can provide both low tension and high tension switchboards depending on client requirements. Trust your electrical distribution needs to the experts at Red Power and you won’t regret it.